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My Top 10 Core Political Beliefs

1.    I do not support ANY law that infringes on the personal actions, lifestyles or choices of an American citizen that does not directly harm another.

2.    I support State rights in accordance with the US Constitution.

3.       Every American should have the OPPORTUNITY to be just as successful with equal effort as any other.

4.       I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and oppose any legislation that restricts responsible gun ownership.

5.       I will not dismiss or unfairly criticize a good idea simply because it comes from another political viewpoint for television ratings.

6.       I will not participate in any debate on social or political issues I feel have no place in the federal legislature and are a distraction to genuine issues at the cost of the American people.

7.       While I will sometimes strongly oppose the actions of an individual who holds a public office, I will always respect and support the office they hold.

8.       I am fiscally conservative, if we cannot afford it, we do not need it. The consistent increase in our nation’s debt must be stopped and we need to run our government like a business owner, not a spoiled teenager with a limitless credit card.

9.       I am a supporter of term limits in Congress.

10.   I support a strong military for our country’s defense, but I do not support extending our military to defend our allies while they do not share in the burden of the expense fairly.

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