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Immigration, the Wall, etc.

The wall is basically a political talking point that if literally built would be like putting a band aide on a bullet wound. Yes it would be symbolic and help some, but ineffective. Just recently a sophisticated tunnel was found on the border in San Luis, Arizona going from a residence in Mexico to an old KFC across the border. What did it go under? You guessed it – a wall.

So if a wall is not the answer, what is? I am here to provide solutions, not just discredit ideas.

In my conversations with those on the front lines, I asked what I considered to be the most important question: Why is it do you think people are coming here illegally instead of legally. I noticed the same answers repeated:

·         To take advantage of our social welfare programs

·         They are poor, uneducated people recruited by criminal elements with promises of a better life then made into modern day indentured servants

·         They have spent the time and money to come to our country legally and encounter many others living here illegally for years who did not have to do the same and have not been caught so they figure why bother?

When I thought about those same three main reasons that were repeated over and over the answers seemed simple. As your congressman this is what I would work with both parties to do:

1.      Require all federally funded social welfare programs run by states to require verified state identification and social security numbers before granting any benefits. This seems like something that should already be happening, but it is not. I have heard stories of EBT cards, Medicaid cards, Section 8 housing, etc. being granted to illegal immigrants.

2.      Create a law that states an illegal immigrant can be deported regardless of ongoing civil lawsuits, and if possible not even allow them to file them in the first place. This is a common stalling tactic used where an illegal immigrant will file multiple frivolous lawsuits to avoid deportation. If they are here illegally, what civil claim do they have? It would be like a convicted murderer suing someone and avoid going to prison until the suit is settled.

3.      Make it a federal capital offense if a human trafficker directly or indirectly causes a death while attempting to smuggle people across the border. To me that is flat out murder.

4.      For those here illegally now and willing to become legal: create a program that allows them to do so, but: they must pay all taxes for one year but cannot receive any federal benefits for that year. Time can be taken off that year by actually doing community service, not just committing to it.

5.      Make it a Federal offense for local law enforcement officers to not recognize and enforce federal retainers for illegal immigrants. Currently there are police departments that ignore federal retainers (requests to notify immigration officials before they release an illegal immigrant from custody so they can be taken into federal custody).

These five points are only a start but a good one. We cannot continue to sit here and argue about a wall or complain about illegal immigration but do nothing to address the actual causes of the problem. Of course I want to keep up the efforts of securing our borders, but in a smart and effective way. We do not need the expense of a border like the 38th Parallel on the Korean peninsula to keep us safe, but we do need a border and a whole lot more common sense.

I will support no legislation that puts a person here illegally in front of anyone waiting to come here legally!

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