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Gun Control

What do I mean by responsible? I was in the Navy the first time I fired a weapon. Before I took my first shot I was given instruction by a Navy Seal on how to safely handle, assemble, load and unload my weapon. Would it be so unreasonable to require someone to take an accredited gun safety course before purchasing their first weapon? I would think that any responsible gun owner would want to know how to safely use the weapon they own.
I would definitely review and oppose laws that remove the rights of a law-abiding citizen to own a gun without due process. I have been told of possible legislation restricting gun ownership for being on the federal no-fly list which has no due process, and of veterans being rubber stamped as mentally ill and being restricted without due process. Gun ownership is a right, a right so important to our founding fathers they listed it second in the Bill of Rights which reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
For those that seek to limit gun ownership because of the atrocities committed by individuals using guns I ask: If murder is already illegal and they are willing to commit that, what makes you think a law restricting gun ownership will stop them? It only takes one bullet to kill, so the magazine argument to me is silly.

School Shootings
For me this is a subject that makes gun control laws silly.
Schools are already a “gun free” zone by law. This has not dissuaded those who wish to inflict harm from bringing them in. To my knowledge, no one has shown up at a school with the intent to do harm, saw the gun free zone sign and turned around and walked away.
Once again, we cannot just do nothing. There has to be something that can be done that makes common sense. I don’t support forcing teachers to become prison guards as a collateral duty by forcing them to arm themselves. I am on the fence as to whether they should be armed at all. I would be better persuaded if they underwent training similar to our police officers voluntarily and requalified annually, but I still feel uncomfortable about it.
In trying to come up with a solution I asked myself, “What did every school shooter have, besides a gun and a warped mind?” The answer was so obvious: Access to their victims.
I propose a minimum-security federal standard for schools that limits access to unauthorized individuals. Many schools in the district already have some sort of restricted access voluntarily, but many do not. This standard would, in its simplest form, require all doors the general public has access to be locked, while maintaining free egress in the case of an emergency. Having panic buttons strategically placed throughout a school that alerts authorities instantly when pushed of an active shooter. Just these two simple gestures could give responding authorities precious seconds or minutes to neutralize a threat before mass harm can be done. Of course, this is not an end all solution, but it is a common sense start that has immediate results making are schools and our children not so soft targets.

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