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This page is meant to be continuously updated on my position of issues. Please check back regularly for updates! 

Please see the Issue "Jefferson United" for my response to Cedric Richmond's supporters' attempted smear campaign!

Immigration, the Wall, etc.

This is probably the biggest subject I get questions on. Knowing only what I could deduce from the very slanted news (all of them), I decided to talk to people directly working in this arena and get their opinions and first-hand experiences. This included everyone from street cops, to chiefs, to ICE agents. See below for my position based on their inputs:

Gun Control

This topic is probably the second most popular I am asked about.
In short, my answer is this:
I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I do not support any legislation restricting the legal, RESPONSIBLE ownership of a gun.

My Top 10 Core Political Beliefs

Please read on to my list of my top 10 political beliefs. 

Marijuana Legalization

I support the complete legalization of marijuana on the federal level and allow the States to individually choose their policies based on the voters wishes, exactly like we have done with alcohol.

The Caravan

I view this as an invasion force. We cannot and I believe will not tolerate a group of people trying to force their way into our country illegally. If we did, it would only open the floodgates for more.

I also must point out that while I sympathize with their situation in their countries, we have many in our own country that we are trying to take care of with an already strained social welfare budget. Allowing more strain on this system will be to the detriment of our own legal citizens and as an elected official to these legal citizens I am obligated and sworn to put their interests first. 

The Budget/Deficit/Debt

We simply cannot continue operating our National budget like a teenager with a credit card. It is time we start practicing some real fiscal responsibility and make hard decisions. I do not however support cutting Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. We all know too well there are plenty of special interest expenditures we could do away with instead.

President Trump

To answer one of the top questions I have been getting lately: Do I support President Trump? 

The answer is as an elected member of the House of Representatives I would work with any President for the benefit of my district and my country. I am certainly not a "Never-Trumper" and not an "Always-Trumper". I take each issue I would vote on and weigh the unbiased facts to the best of my ability and make a decision that I believe would be in the best interest of our country and district. This is a genuine and honest answer and the core of my political platform. If I did not feel this way and for instance was a "Never Trumper" what would be the point of running while he is President? I don't have the looks to just sit there and look pretty. We as a country have got to get back to what unites us instead of divides us. This is after all the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


This is a topic as a member of the legislative branch I can do little to nothing about. This practice has been deemed legal by the Supreme Court and any effort to undermine their ruling would certainly be struck down by the Supreme Court. The Senate confirms Justices, not the House so even on appointments I would have no power. On Planned Parenthood, the biggest thing I would be in favor of legislation on is that if they receive federal funds, they should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns. If you can afford to donate to political campaigns, you don't need our tax money!

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