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About Jesse

Jesse was born and raised in Old Jefferson.  He attended De La Salle High School until the middle of his junior year when his mother and step father separated, and could no longer afford tuition for both him and his sister.  In an early act of selflessness, he voluntarily left De La Salle, while only needing a half of credit to graduate, so that his sister could continue attending her freshman year and graduate four years later.  At that time, he transferred and graduated from Riverdale High School.

After high school and having no funds for college, Jesse joined the Navy.   There he was trained on one of the most advanced radar systems in the world and also gained invaluable life shaping skills of team work, unity, and leadership.

            After his military enlistment, Jesse briefly worked at a cell phone manufacturing plant in Illinois until it was shuttered and relocated to Mexico within a year.  He followed this job with a position at a circuit board manufacturing plant that was closed the week before Christmas.  And lastly, he found work at a manufacturer in the food industry. There he successfully developed a technology never used in the industry before, only to be laid off after the project’s completion when his daughter was less than a year old.

Jesse nostalgically longed for his home in New Orleans. After contemplating the situation, he moved home and began his career in the fire and security alarm industry.  He started out in the industry as an entry level service technician and quickly ascended the ranks, becoming the company’s most successful sales manager in its 35+ year history.  A couple of years after Katrina, the owner of the company sold his business to a national company.  Shortly after, Jesse decided to start his own fire and security alarm company.

Despite losing virtually all of his personal possessions in an unfortunately fast moving house fire, while he was in the very final stages of renovating with a lease to own contract that had depleted all of his savings, Jesse refused to face defeat.  Within the span of 4 months, he not only bought his first house (which also needed extensive updating), but also opened the doors to his business, in the sun room of that house.  He achieved all of this during the Great Recession of 2009.

Today, Jesse’s business is recognized as an honest and fair priced locally owned business with a reputation of outstanding customer satisfaction.  Rather than pay someone else to do it for him, Jesse also renovated his entire home interior and exterior on evenings and weekends over the last nine years.

Jesse currently shares his home with his wife, daughter, stepson and step daughter. He also enjoys spending time with his older stepson, daughter and most importantly – his infant granddaughter.

In addition, Jesse is an active member of the David Crockett Volunteer Fire Department, where he has been ranked in the top 10 responders annually since he joined four years ago.  He has completed fire training school and has been certified by LSU for Fire Fighter I & II as well as Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations.

Throughout the years, Jesse has overcome insurmountable challenges in spite of the overwhelming odds against him.  He has never given up on his dreams and, more importantly, his principles.  Since he was a teenager, whenever asked what his goals in life were, his answer was simple: “To own a comfortable home, have a late model vehicle in the driveway, have the means to support my family, and to take a two week vacation per year.”

With the exception of being able to take a consecutive two week vacation a year, Jesse feels that he has achieved his life goals and works hard every day to maintain them.  As he looks around though, he frustratingly sees a system that is broken.  A system where so many have worked as hard as he had and sometimes even harder but yet were still unable to achieve the American dream.

Jesse has now added new goals.  Goals to serve his country and community further, to promote common sense moderate solutions to our nation’s issues, to promote unity among his fellow Americans by not playing part in the divisive nature of many parts of our society, and most importantly, to do what he can to level the playing field, so that two people can achieve the same rewards for doing equal work with equal effort and can claim their piece of the American Dream.


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